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  • Principles and Practice
    of Yoga Therapy Book 1
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    By Dr.N.C.
  • Launch of P.G Diploma and     M.Sc In Yoga therapy

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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2014

It is a humble beginning towards a great mission.
It is a small step towards eternity.
It is towards perfect union of Yoga and Viniyoga.
» Viniyoga Quote by Dr.N.Chandrasekaran


All great things are simple.
Yoga is also simple, indeed very simple.
The complexities and intricacies with which yoga seem to be associated presently...


We invite yoga teachers and therapists from around the world to come and learn advanced yoga therapy in practice with Dr.N Chandrasekaran and Lara Abiesheikh…


Health is the greatest wealth.
The health should be a comprehensive one.
It should be perfect at all levels : physical, physiological, psychological, emotional, social and deeper...


Yoga therapy, results in reducing medications and prevents unnecessary hospitalization / surgeries.

Some of the common conditions are...


EXPERIENCE DIVINITY THROUGH SOUND - Tread the path of the Ancient Seers to experience Vedas - the revealed wisdom.


Vedanta is another philosophical system of India which captivates the inquisitive minds all over the world. It does not rely on the authority of a preceptor. Its truth is its authority...

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