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Vedanta is another philosophical system of India which captivates the inquisitive minds all over the world.
It does not rely on the authority of a preceptor.
Its truth is its authority.
No Master or Guru can claim it.
No religion has a hold on it.
It belongs to one and all without any distinction.
Its expositions are completely scientific and it transcends the realms of Science also.
Its declarations are the boldest the world has ever heard.
It says '' Saint or Sinner, Ant or Elephant, the real SELF is essentially the same and Divine.''
Vedanta helps everyone to identify, the Divinity within and to experience the absolute state of Peace and Bliss.
This Vedanta can only be experienced.
This Reality can only be realized.
This Absolute, one can only become.

• A platform for higher learning in Vedantic texts.
• A Study center to delve deeper into the intricacies of Vedanta.
• A Sanga to ensure guided Progression in Practical Vedanta.

Vedapuri is a vedic division of VINIYOGA HEALING FOUNDATION OF INDIA. It is the house of vedas where vedic knowledge is imparted to any person desirous of venturing into the rich treasure of our timeless oral heritage.

Interest to learn vedic chanting is the only pre-requisite necessary to enroll for the study. No prior knowledge of sanskrit is essential.

VEDAPURI offers the following :
• Individual vedic chanting classes for Indians and International Students.
• Group vedic chanting classes for Indians and International Students.
• Vedic chanting Teacher Training Programme.
• Non- Vedic chants like Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Vishnu Sahasranamam.

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