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  • Principles and Practice
    of Yoga Therapy Book 1
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  • Launch of P.G Diploma and     M.Sc In Yoga therapy

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Tread the path of the Ancient Seers to experience Vedas - the revealed wisdom
The Vedas are the ancient scriptures, a collection of hymns or divine revelation handed over to us through the generations by the sages. They manifest the Divine Word in human speech. The term Veda implies 'that which can be learnt'. Vedic Chanting is a very powerful way to integrate body, voice, mind and our emotions and progress spiritually in the deeper quest for unity with the source from which sound originates.

Vedas furnish guidelines on all subjects necessary for the well being of humanity and is applicable to all times. Chanting provides tremendous energy, and there is a positive effect at all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Vedic Chanting, according to the prescribed rules, leads not only to collective prosperity and individual well being, but also avoids natural calamities and mitigates evils. It leads to universal prosperity, ushering peace and contentment everywhere.

Vedapuriis a wing of Viniyoga Healing Foundation of India. It is the house of Vedas where Vedic knowledge is imparted to any person desirous of venturing into the rich treasure or our timeless Oral heritage.
  • The medium of instruction will be in English.
  • No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is expected.
  • The interest to learn Vedic chanting is the only necessary pre requisite to enroll for the

Vedapuri - its mission
Our mission is to keep alive the knowledge of ancient tradition of vedic chanting with quality and perfection in chanting. Lessons will be imparted with due respects to the rules of chanting that bind the timeless oral heritage.

A quality and healthy life at the physical level, Clarity and stability at the mental level, and Contentment and equanimity at the spiritual level.

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