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YOGA Therapy
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YOGA Therapy

Health is the greatest wealth.

Every one of us is unique, highly individualized.

Unique, highly individualized at all levels.

At all levels - Physical, Physiological, Psychological and Deeper.

So one standard yoga practice for all – simply does not work.

No ailment exists alone.

It always inhabitates individuals.

The name of the ailment may be the same.

But the individuals affected are different.

So one Prescription like yoga practice for any ailment – simply does not work.

Disease oriented yoga approach is not an objective reality.

Individualized orientation is all that is required.

Yoga has :  
Âsana to perfect the body
Prânâyâmâ to balance the physiological system
Dhâranâ and Dhyanam to psychological and emotional well being.
Yamâ and Niyamâ to harmonious living in the society.
Many subtle concepts to reflect inner SELF.

VINIYOGA HEALING FOUNDATION OF INDIA recognizes and respects the individuality in every individual.

Applying Yoga for the purpose of healing is one of the noblest of endeavors and VINIYOGA HEALING FOUNDATION OF INDIA is privileged in dedicating itself totally to the cause of healing.

VINIYOGA HEALING FOUNDATION OF INDIA pledges to set the highest standards of its own in the field of Yoga Therapy and commits itself to strictly adhering to them.

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